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The professional Solution to
Mold, Viruses, Bacteria & Other Micro-organisms
Treatment Prevention

Introducing Shiield Anti-Microbial Protection—a groundbreaking solution that is disrupting traditional sanitization methods. Say goodbye to the challenges of frequently reapplying harmful chemicals associated with conventional sanitizing methods.

Shiield not only eradicates viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi but also maintains its protective effects for an impressive 30 days.

Shiield is the ultimate protection and solution for medium to large scale businesses and industries that face common issues caused by

Mold / Fungi


Other Micro-Organisms


Testing & Analysis

Shiield’s protection begins with a free consultation to discuss your challenge and possibly determine next course of action which may include on-site testing to determine the health of your location:

  • Bio-load Testing
  • Lab Culture Testing
  • Air Quality Testing

We provide the full reporting and analysis to address “here’s what you’re dealing with and how can it be dealt with.”

Whether we perform the work ourselves or we’re your consulting partner, we ensure the problem is ultimately resolved.

With testing results in-hand we’ll have the data to definitively determine if any problems are present in your location allowing us to properly strategize the best plan of action to resolve the issue.

Each industry and client is unique based on access, schedule and operation. This is where our expertise, our industry experience and flexible solutions allow us to create the most optimal plan and resolution for any need.

Start with an initial consultation and let us take it from there to get it done.


We provide services to a wide range of businesses and industries. Just because it’s not listed here doesn’t mean we can’t help!

Shiiled Protected

Immediate Benefits

Shiield provides immediate financial AND performance benefits by lowering expensive chemical and labor costs required to keep your environment healthy all the while greatly improving upon your environments health standards.



Reduction in toxic chemical use



Reduction in costly labor hours



Based on load reduction

No other solution supports the cost per square foot efficiencies SHIIELD provides

* Data derived from customer surveys. ** Based on on-site testing results from actual client projects.

Shiield utilizes eco-friendly antimicrobial technology and advanced processes in providing our clients with industry leading preventative efficacy and durability for even the most sensitive of environments.

Whether in educational institutions, businesses, dining establishments, Elderly Care Facilities, or Gyms, Shiield offers a longer-lasting and non-toxic solution that shields against a spectrum of viruses, including Covid-19, RSV, Influenza, Salmonella, E. Coli, and Staph, among others. With EPA registration and FDA approval, Shiield stands at the forefront of innovation, surpassing traditional alternatives in performance while ensuring safety from toxic and harmful chemicals.


Active antimicrobial molecule “spike ” impales microbes, destroying it on contact, while providing lasting, durable efficacy.

FDA Approved

FDA approved
and EPA registered


Effective against large variety of environmental pathogens including viruses


Clinically tested and proven with hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies

A large part of what we do is education and we’d love to discuss your needs as well as answer any of your questions about our solutions.