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Shiield and its certified technicians are highly trained in asking all the appropriate questions regarding facility use history, location use, physical signs, use of specialized detection equipment, sample gathering including air samples and culture swabs.

Once your remediation project is complete we provide a final layer of protection with our Shiield Application – a proven solution that will prevent future mold/fungi issues to your once contaminated area.

FDA & EPA Approved

The EPA and FDA approved treatment is a completely safe and invisible barrier that destroys and eliminates microbial activity to even occur.


It’s so safe and so effective that it’s use is prevalent in hospital and medical environments, restaurants, food manufacturing, schools and childcare, senior centers, hospitality, etc. The list is almost limitless…

Full Building Protection

The lifespan of the treatment can almost be in perpetuity, especially in areas that are void of contact such as building materials and infrastructure….areas where mold/fungi can take hold and not be physically seen.

Professional Grade Air Filter Treatment

One of the most recommended areas of prevention is in HVAC systems, areas that mold is commonly found. While changing the air filters is recommended every 6-12 months in residential settings, while commercial facilities typically require a more frequent replacement schedule….those filters can also be treated prior to installation preventing trapped mold spores to thrive and colonize on the filter itself. Safeguarding the recirculating air that you breathe.