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The Ultimate Antimicrobial Defense System.
Always Protecting Your Environment….And Proving It!

Introducing Shiield Anti-Microbial Protection—a groundbreaking solution that is disrupting traditional sanitization methods. Say goodbye to the challenges of frequently reapplying harmful chemicals associated with conventional sanitizing methods.

Shiield not only eradicates viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi but also maintains its protective effects for an impressive 30 days.

Establish The Baseline

Establish The Baseline

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Sample gathering including Micro-Organism identification.


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Certified environmental Bio-load testing protocol in an EPA certified lab.

Review The

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Secure Bio-load data aggregation and reporting to client.

The Shiield ™ Application

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Verify facility coverage and protection.

& Track

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Track metrics for safety and well-being of facility occupants.

= Winning

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Preserve and protect assets, fixtures, improvements, minimize health hazards, funding retention, etc.

What Is Shiield ™?

Shiield ™ is a proven process utilizing an antimicrobial, bacteriostatic, fungistatic barrier with extended protection against fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms..

  • Objective active monitoring
  • Defense against cross-contamination
  • Surface preservation from harmful agents
  • Ducting protection from common mold/bacteria colonization
  • Improved air quality
  • Open Access Information (QR Codes)
  • FDA approved and EPA registered
  • Applied once monthly
  • Electrostatic application
  • Single-employee application
  • Toxic or caustic
  • Applied daily
  • Carcinogenic
  • Damaging to equipment or surfaces

Active antimicrobial molecule “spike ” impales microbes, destroying it on contact, while providing lasting, durable efficacy.

Shiield application on lockers

How California Schools are Thriving With Shiield™

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We're Experts At Solutions

Shiield is a team of experts.  Prevention is our constant mission, utilizing continuous testing and data collection to assure the Shiield system is performing optimally and providing round-the-clock protection of the environment and its occupants.

In ALL cases, Shiield’s system of Prevention is always considered a best practice in avoiding remediation’s, breakouts while providing a healthier environment for both students and faculty.

Shiield being applied in a school bus

Why Shiield™ Is Like No Other Solution?

  • EPA & FDA Approved for even food contact surfaces (It’s that safe!).
  • Broad spectrum of Pathogen inactivation.
  • Fewer teacher call-outs; savings from fewer substitutes.
  • Fewer student call-outs; savings from loss student funding.
  • Not a chemical kill – game changing nano-technology destroys and prevents pathogens mechanically.
  • Long Term Efficacy & Durability with a single application…good for 30 Days!
  • Non-evasive application schedule.
  • Surface AND Air Quality effectiveness due to Electro-Static applications and HVAC system treatments.
  • Extremely cost-effective including savings recovery from modified protocols and improved hygienic performance.

Immediate Benefits

Shiield provides immediate financial AND performance benefits by lowering expensive chemical and labor costs required to keep your environment healthy all the while greatly improving upon your environments health standards.



Reduction in toxic chemical use



Reduction in costly labor hours



Based on load reduction

No other solution supports the cost per square foot efficiencies SHIIELD provides

* Data derived from customer surveys. ** Based on on-site testing results from actual client projects.

Positive Environmental Impact

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