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IF you think you may have a potential mold issue
the time to take action is now

Shiield Is Guidance & Assurance

We eliminate the conflict of interest between Detection and Remediation.

Shiield exists to provide you with reporting and insightful feedback which gives you the specifics and the confidence to work with any contractor you’d like to remediate and resolve any structural damage that might have occurred.

Our mission is rooted in prevention, however, its critically important we help all avoid dangerous mold exposure through detection.

In some cases, the clean-up can be minimum, and with our guidance the property occupant/owner can properly perform a DIY project.

Shiield always follows up a project with additional testing to determine a successful remediation.

Shiield and its certified technicians are highly trained in asking all the appropriate questions regarding facility use history, location use, physical signs, use of specialized detection equipment, sample gathering including air samples and culture swabs.

All Shiield gathered samples are processed in an EPA certified laboratory to identify specific Mold Microorganism types, enumeration counts, and measured against control samples to determine possible contamination levels.

Initial Mold Detection Results can typically be provided in 24-48 business hours

Testing can also effectively eliminate concerns of mold contamination based on favorable results.  This can be a huge relief to occupants, landlords, and property managers.  Without any supporting data, parties can find themselves in costly debates, arguments, and even financial settlements.

Initial Testing will define any possible next steps including any additional testing required, physical inspections, etc.  This will be most helpful when working with your contractor or if the project is a DIY.  It will also help define what type of work may be required (i.e. abatement, remediation, demo/removal, material salvage, surface treatments, etc.)

If your home, office, or building has experienced water leaks, plumbing overflow, flooding, or any type of water exposure, even if years ago, mold can develop and exist in various spaces indefinitely.

Mold Formation Facts

  • According to the EPA & CDC, mold formation can develop on surfaces within 24-48 hours of water exposure.
  • Not all cleanup efforts quickly eliminate the moisture exposure, remove all damaged materials, and allow for complete drying.
  • Once mold formation occurs, it will typically expand, grow, produce airborne spores, and expand further unless properly treated and eliminated.
  • Not all mold is easily seen either on a surface or possibly within walls or underneath layers of flooring or roofing.
  • HVAC systems are also one of the most common areas for several types of mold to exist and thrive.
  • Bathrooms, Laundry areas, and Kitchens and their surrounding infrastructure endure constant moisture exposure and are also a breading ground for various types of mold.

Even when a breach occurs in your environment? Actually yes!

Not only do we provide mold detection testing but we can provide an application solution at the conclusion of any remediation project that will not allow microorganism formation to occur on the treated surface regardless of its texture.

FDA Approved

The EPA and FDA approved treatment is a completely safe and invisible barrier that destroys and eliminates microbial activity to even occur.

It’s so safe and so effective that it’s use is prevalent in hospital and medical environments, restaurants, food manufacturing, schools and childcare, senior centers, hospitality, etc. The list is almost limitless…

The lifespan of the treatment can almost be in perpetuity, especially in areas that are void of contact such as building materials and infrastructure….areas where mold can take hold and not be physically seen.

One of the most recommended areas of prevention is in HVAC systems. Areas that mold is commonly found. While changing the air filters is recommended at least annually….those filters can also be treated prior to installation preventing trapped mold spores to thrive and colonize on the filter itself. Safeguarding the recirculating air that you breathe. 

A large part of what we do is education and we’d love to discuss your needs as well as answer any of your questions about our solutions.

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